What do I need to get married to a foreigner in Kenya?

What documents are needed to marry a foreigner?

The documents required for a marriage green card vary by situation but generally include the following:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Financial documents.
  • Proof of sponsor’s U.S. citizenship or permanent residence.
  • Proof of lawful U.S. entry and status, if applicable.
  • Police clearance certificate, if applicable.

How do I register a foreign marriage in Kenya?

The Marriage Act, 2014 allows a Kenyan who has solemnized their marriage outside Kenya to apply to the Registrar for the registration of that marriage. Attach: A certified copy of the Marriage Certificate. Valid passport of the bride and bride groom.

Who is not allowed to have dual citizenship in Kenya?

(1) A person is not eligible for election or appointment to a State office unless the person is a citizen of Kenya. (2) A State officer or a member of the defence forces shall not hold dual citizenship.

What are the steps to marry a foreigner?

figure out your spouse’s basic eligibility for a visa or green card. make sure some bit of history or problem of status won’t impact his or her right to apply for the green card. prepare the immigration forms and gather the correct documents. prove the legitimacy of your relationship and marriage, and.

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How much does it cost to marry a foreigner?

The government filing fees for getting a family-based green card is $1,760 for an applicant living in the United States or $1,200 for an applicant living outside the United States.

Can I get paid to marry a foreigner?

A U.S. citizen is either paid or charges money to marry someone from outside the country and get him/her a green card. Marriages arranged through mail-order bridal agencies where both the alien and the citizen are aware that it is a fraud.

When can you marry in Kenya?

What are the legal requirements to get married in Kenya? Legal age for marriage is 21 years for both men and women. If women are between 16 and 20 years and men are between 18 and 20 years then parental consent is required. Bride and Groom may not be related by blood, marriage or adoption.

Can a man marry two wives legally in Kenya?

In March 2014, Kenya’s Parliament passed a bill allowing men to marry multiple wives. Polygamy is common among traditional communities in Kenya, as well as among the country’s Muslim community. … The Bill was made legislation on 1 May 2014.

How do I apply for a civil wedding in Kenya?

The first step is to contact a civil marriage in Kenya is filling a Notice of Marriage with the Office of the Registrar General and waiting for up to 21 days. A fee of 600 Kenya Shillings is charged for filling the notice. Upon the expiry of the 21-day waiting period, the couple can proceed to the next step.

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