Your question: What animal is called EKUN in Yoruba?

“Ekun” is the Yoruba name for leopard and not tiger, while cheetah is known as “Amotekun”.

What is the meaning of EKUN?

If you say ekun means Tiger then Amotekun means leopard. If you say ekun means Leopard then Amotekun means cheetah.

What animal is EKUN?

The tiger is called Ogidan or Ekun.

What is the English of Okete?

Pouch Rat -Okete. Wild Goat -Edu. A specie of Deer -Ekulu.

What is ajanaku English?

2 people from Nigeria agree the name Ajanaku is of Yoruba / Nigerian origin and means “Mighty and Fearless”. … A user from Nigeria says the name Ajanaku means “Elephant“.

What is giraffe called in Yoruba?


Yorùbá English Yorùbá
Agemon, ògà Chameleon Ìbaaka
Agodongbo Colt Ìbákà
Àgùnfọn Giraffe Oyà
Ajá Dog Ológbò

What is Parrot in Yoruba?

parrot – ayékòótọ wood pecker – ẹyẹ àkókó

What is Akalamagbo in English?

english name for akalamagbo is HORNBILL.

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