Who is best hiphop in Zambia?

Who is the highest rapper in Zambia?

5,000,000. Mulaza Mark Kaira is addressed by the stage names Macky 2, MK, Flava Boy, and Dj Bugar. He is a hip-hop musician, producer, and singer. He is currently the richest Zambian musician today.

Who is the king of hip hop 2020 in Zambia?

Fly Jay Keeps Proving His the Next Hip-Hop King In Zambia 2020 – YouTube.

Who is the best female rapper in Zambia?

ZAMBIA’s top female rapper Bombshell, real names Bwalya Sophie has just released a brand new song, that could be her hit for the year 2017. We all know that Bombshell is one rapper whose vocals can never be mistaken for another customary artist.

Who is the best musician in Zambian?

Read down below to know the names for richest musicians in Zambia.

  1. Macky 2 = K1. 5,000,000.
  2. Kayombo = K995,000. Kayombo is Zambia’s second third richest musician worth K995,000. …
  3. Slap Dee = K955,000. …
  4. OC Oscilliation = K910,000. …
  5. Chef 187 = K900,000. …
  6. Mampi-Queen Diva = K890,100. …
  7. Organized Family = K790,100. …
  8. B’Flow = K690,700. …

Who is the richest woman in Zambia?

Mirriam Mukape is currently the richest woman in Zambia with an estimated net worth of K1. 4 million an equivalent of $67,902. She was born on 4th August 1986.

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Who is the richest chief in Zambia?

Chief Mukuni is the richest chief in Zambia with a net worth estimated at $5 million. Chief Munokalya Mupotola IV Siloka III Mukuni, is the 19th Chief of the Leya.

Who is the richest in Zambia 2020?

Hakainde Hichilema is the richest man in Zambia. He is Zambia’s second-largest cattle rancher. He served as the chief executive officer of both Coopers and Lybrand Zambia (1994–1998) and Grant Thornton Zambia.

Top Zambian Musicians

  • SlapDee. 2,806,696 views.
  • Yo Maps. 2,719,284 views.
  • Chef 187. 2,547,694 views.
  • Macky 2. 2,528,881 views.
  • Afunika. 2,514,202 views.
  • Mampi. 2,478,437 views.
  • B1 Perfecto. 2,467,259 views.
  • Danny Kaya. 2,462,750 views.

Who is the best producer in Zambia 2020?

Five (5) Zambian Producers You Should Know

  • Lord Aku. Lord Aku has produced some songs this year and have also topped most radio charts. …
  • SoundBwoy. SoundBwoy is a producer at Elation Entertainments. …
  • Kenz Ville Marley. Kenz Ville Marley is a young talented producer working at Headphone Music. …
  • Waz Waz. …
  • Drew MadeThe Beat.

Who is the world best rapper?

15 best rappers in the world right now in 2021

  • Tupac.
  • The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Eminem.
  • Kendrick Lamar.
  • Jay-Z.
  • Nas.
  • Drake.
  • Lil Wayne.
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