Who are the OSU people in Nigeria?

The Osu caste system is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of persons called Osu (Igbo: outcast).

What is an Osu in Igbo culture?

Among the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria the Osu are outcasts, the equivalent of being an “untouchable”. Years ago he and his family would be shunned by society, banished from communal land, banned from village life and refused the right to marry anyone not from an Osu family.

Does Osu still exist in Igbo land?

Despite the March 25, 1807 abolition of Slave Trade Act, the Osu and Ohu practices still continue in some parts of Igboland, South-East Nigeria and there are elements in these communities that would rather die than see them abolished. … It also exists in parts of Nsukka, particularly Enugu Ezike community.

What is Osu and Diala?

Osu/Diala Caste System in Igbo Tribe of Nigeria

In some communities in Igbo tribe, there exist two caste system known as Osu/Diala. The Diala are known as freeborn and enjoy higher social status and privileges. The Osu on the other hand were people captured during wars in those days or bought.

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Whats the meaning of Osu?

The word Osu comes from oshi shinobu, which means “to persevere whilst being pushed”. It implies a willingness to push oneself to the limits of endurance, to persevere under any kind of pressure. The single word Osu captures most accurately the ultimate in what the art of karate, particularly Kyokushin, has to offer.

Is Nigeria free from slavery?

Although local slavery was officially prohibited by the colonial British administration from the mid-1880s, they tacitly permitted it to continue well into the 1930s, ending completely only in the 1940s. In 1961, the newly independent First Nigerian Republic ratified the 1926 Slavery Convention.

What are the consequences of marrying an OSU?

Our parents would tell us which barber’s shop to use and which one to avoid. As custom demands, if Osu person cuts your hair, you will automatically become Osu, and every member of your family becomes Osu instantly. If you marry an Osu, you will become Osu instantly and all members of your family will be Osu.

What is OSU fruit called in Yoruba?

In southern Nigeria it is called “osu” (Edo), “nkpokiri” (Ibo), and “erin” (Yoruba). It flowers in November and from March to May. The fruit is about 5.25 cm in diameter, yellow to orange, glabrous and smooth containing twelve or more disc-shaped seeds embedded in a gelatinous pulp (Keay et al., 1964.

What is UME in Igbo land?

One traditional Igbo practice is the caste system which dehumanises and treats as outcasts those designated to be „Osu‟. Also referred to as Ume, Ohu, Oru, Ohu Ume, and Omoni (Okpu-Aja), people of the Osu caste “are regarded as sub-human… unclean…or slaves”.

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Can a Diala marry an OSU?

Joe Nworgu, Osu people are “regarded as the property of the deity and are made to live separately from the freeborn, and close to the shrines and marketplaces. They are not allowed to have any form of relationship with the Nwadiala or Diala for short. An Osu cannot marry a freeborn.

Which country has caste system?

India. Modern India’s caste system is based on the colonial superimposition of the Portuguese word casta on the four-fold theoretical classification called Varna and on natural social groupings called Jāti.

Has Osu caste system abolished in Igboland?

Despite official abolition, Osu caste system refuses to go in Igboland.

What does OSU mean HXH?

In this particular case, “Osu!” is a combination of two different kanji (Sino-Japanese characters), namely the verb ‘osu’ which means “to push”, and ‘shinobu’ which means “to endure/suffer” or “to hide”.

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