Is Kenya Power a parastatal?

Kenya Electricity Generating Company or simply KenGen is a parastatal company, and is the largest electric power producer in Kenya producing over 65% of the electricity consumed in the country.

Is Kenya Power a private company?

Kenya Power is a public company listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). The company is a national electric utility company, managing electric metering, licensing, billing, emergency electricity service and customer relations.

Is KPLC owned by the Government?

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited was incorporated in 1922 as the East African Power and Lighting Company Limited to serve Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. … Kenya Power is partly owned by the Government of Kenya with 50.1 percent shareholding, and private investors with a 49.9 percent shareholding.

Who owns KPLC Kenya?

The Government has a controlling stake at 50.1% of shareholding with private investors at 49.9%. Kenya Power is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Who owns Ketraco?

Barasa has a wealth of experience in Public Finance Management, Risk Management, and Corporate Governance amongst others. Speaking during the official announcement KETRACO Chairman Dr. Kenneth Sigilai welcomed the appointment and assured staff of 100% support from him and the Board of Directors.

Does Kenya get electricity from Uganda?

Kenya’s electricity imports from Uganda have grown 281 per cent in the six months to June as drought cut local generation of hydro-electric power by a third or 615.69 million kilowatt hours. … Kenya has a direct electricity transmission line connecting with Uganda via Tororo, enabling bulk power imports.

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Who is the CEO of KPLC?

Does Kenya produce electricity?

Kenya’s current effective installed (grid connected) electricity capacity is 2,651 MW, with peak demand of 1,912 MW, as of November 2019. … Electricity supply is mostly generated by renewable sources with the majority coming from geothermal power and hydroelectricity.

How much electricity does Kenya import?

Kenya imported 184,000 MWh of electricity in 2016 (covering 2% of its annual consumption needs).


ELECTRIC consumption 7,862,800
Geothermal 4,204,000 43.64%
Wind 63,000 0.65%
Solar, Tide, Wave, Fuel Cell 37,000 0.38%
Tide and Wave 0.00%

What does Kenya Power do?

Kenya Power is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate line capacity to maintain supply and quality of electricity across the country. The interconnected network of transmission and distribution lines cover about 49,818 kilometers.

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