How much is a bag of pop cement in Nigeria?

How much is a bag of cement in Nigeria 2021?

How much is a bag of cement in Nigeria? As of present, the retail price of cement in Nigeria is ₦3,600 — ₦3,900 per bag, depending on brand, location, and other factors. And the wholesale price (600 bags) is ₦2,100,000 to ₦2,350,000, depending on the manufacturer.

How much is a bag of Dangote cement in 2021?

Currently, the price of Dangote cement is ₦3,800 – ₦3,900 per bag (50kg), and ₦2,250,000 – ₦2,400,000 per wholesale package (600 bags).

What is pop cement used for?

Also known as POP cement, white cement is used to produce white concrete for attractive and classy construction projects as well as building decorations.

How many bags of cement can build a 3 bedroom house?

While for a normal or a medium size of a three bedroom flat it will take around 2700 blocks and 155 bags of cement will be enough to build a 3 bedroom flat.

How much does a truck load of cement cost?

Use $90 per cubic yard as a ballpark figure for concrete prices, but concrete slab cost will vary by region. Also, expect a fee of about $60 per load for delivery from a concrete truck for concrete cost.

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How much will pop cost?

So, How Much Does a False Ceiling Cost?

City Gypsum*/ POP Rate Per Square Feet (in Rs.) Wooden Rate Per Square Feet (in Rs.)
NCR 85-130 120-1,120
Ahmedabad 50-120 100-500
Kolkata 50-150 75-360
Chennai 50-350 >1,750

How much is PVC in Nigeria?

In the market today, PVC ceiling costs between N5, 000 – N25, 000 per bundle, depending on the quality, design, place and period of buy and other similar factors.

How many bags of cement can lay 1000 blocks?

50 Bags of Cement = 1000 Concrete Blocks.

Why is cement so expensive?

This is due to the concrete’s low water-to-cement ratio (often below . … Of course, with more strength and durability comes a much higher price point, maxing out around $2,000 per cubic yard for ultra-high-performance concrete.

What is the full form of pop cement?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a fine white powder, made from gypsum by heating the mineral gypsum.

How much does it cost for cement?

It costs about $6 per square foot to pour concrete, or between $4 and $8 per square foot.

Concrete Work Cost by Thickness.

Thickness Typical Cost With Labor
4” $5.35 per square foot
5” $5.80 per square foot
6” $6.20 per square foot
8” $7 per square foot

Is pop white cement?

Made from Gypsum, Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white powder that is used for giving fresh coats to the walls, giving shapes to structure, or creating casts, and likewise. … On the other hand, wall care putty is made out of white cement, like White Portland Cement.

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