How do I renew my work permit in Mauritius?

How can I get work permit in Mauritius?

Requirements to Obtain a Mauritius Work Permit

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Four passport photos.
  3. Copies of the data pages of the applicant’s passport.
  4. A completed data sheet.
  5. Copies of the professional and academic qualifications of the applicant.
  6. A description of the job issued by the employer.

How do I get a work permit in Mauritius lockdown?

Application process is as follows:

  1. Download Application Forms.
  2. Submit applications on
  3. Information on Status of Application by email.
  4. Collection of Approved Work Permit to be communicated by email.
  5. Printing and distribution of Employee Work Access Permit by the Employer following Step 4.

How do I register for WAP?

New procedures to apply for WAP for private sector

  1. Click on apply for WAP in Grey banner.
  2. Select apply for Private company.
  3. Enter BRN , Mobile number and email.
  4. Enter One time Password received on mobile.
  5. Fill Applicant details including existing work access permit number and submit.

What is type of work permit?

A safe work permit (also known as a “permit to work”) is a document that includes a description of the work to be performed, the hazards involved, the precautions to take, the required authorizations, and other elements. It is a written record authorizing a specific work at a specific location, and for a specific time.

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Which jobs are in high demand in Mauritius?

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What is the basic salary in Mauritius?

The minimum wage in Mauritius has been raised with effect from 1 January 2020. The new minimum wage rate is 9000 Mauritius rupees for export workers and 9700 rupees for non-export workers. Workers also have access to additional remuneration which is 1200 rupees for export workers and 500 rupees for non-export workers.

Who needs a work permit in Mauritius?

Any foreigner who wants to obtain employment in Mauritius must be between 20 and 60 years of age. An exemption may apply to specific professionals. To qualify for the work permit, you must be willing to work on a full-time basis for an entity established in Mauritius.

Can I live and work in Mauritius?

Non-citizens wishing to either work, retire or otherwise reside in Mauritius can choose between an Occupation Permit, a Residence Permit or a Permanent Residence Permit. An Occupation Permit, is a combined work and residence permit.

Is a work permit necessary?

Work Permits

Except in limited circumstances defined in law and summarized in the Child Labor Law Booklet, all minors under 18 years of age employed in the state of California must have a permit to work. Prior to permitting a minor to work, employers must possess a valid Permit to Employ and Work.

How do I check the status of my work permit?

Please log in to using your ID (NIC/BRN) to view the status of your application.

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What is a WAP Mauritius?


The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) informs the public that Work Access Permits (WAPs) for self-employed individuals are NOT delivered by the MRA. The Mauritius Police Force is the Institution responsible for the issue of WAPs.

How can I get residence permit in Mauritius?

Any non-citizen holding a valid work permit in Mauritius may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit if drawing a basic monthly salary of at least MUR 150,000 during 3 consecutive years immediately preceding the application for a Permanent residence Permit.

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