Best answer: How can I buy goods from China to Uganda?

How long does it take to ship goods from China to Uganda?

In, express shipping from China to Uganda, the shipping time is about 2-4 days only. In standard air freight from China to Uganda requires about 7- 10 days to ship.

How do I buy from Alibaba in Uganda?

Credit and debit card payment the alibaba secure payment allows payments via credit card and debit cards, issued by visa and mastercard. Buy and receive goods in uganda from your desired sites like aliexpress,alibaba,ebay and amazon.

What is the most selling product in Uganda?

Top Products Imported by Uganda

Rank Product Share (%)
1 Medicines in Doses 3.42
2 Cel Phones, Video Recorders & Radio Transcievers 3.04
3 Trucks 1.29
4 Passenger Vehicles 1.22

Does Alibaba deliver to Uganda?

The bitter truth is that Amazon, EBay and Alibaba do not ship directly to Uganda BUT through agents.

Does Aliexpress work in Uganda?

According to their website, they don’t ship to Uganda, so that’s it, right? Wrong! If you’ve always been prevented from buying Aliexpress’ latest items, you’ll be excited to know that you need suffer no more. There is a way to get online Aliexpress products from the USA delivered to your door.

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How can I import goods from Uganda?

Obtain the commercial invoice, packing list bill of lading, certificate of conformity.

When the goods arrive, you should do the following:

  1. Process the goods through customs.
  2. Obtain a release order.
  3. Authenticate compliance certificate.
  4. Pay transport charges, collect goods and transport to your premise.

How do I sell on Amazon Uganda?

How To Sell On Amazon In Uganda

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down, click Start Selling, and log in to your Amazon account.
  3. Follow the prompts and you’ll be set up within a few minutes!

Where is Alibaba head office?

What is the best item to import from China?

Best Products To Import From China

  1. Home décor and furniture. The real estate market is recovering at a fast pace and the demand for furniture is gradually on the rise. …
  2. Children Toys. …
  3. Pet supplies. …
  4. Clothing, T-shirts and fashion accessories. …
  5. Electronic gadgets. …
  6. Phones and accessories. …
  7. Computer and office.
  8. Car electronics.

What is the cheapest way to import from China?

Even with all the additional fees Sea Freight is still the cheapest shipping method for imports from China. Remember that it’s cost effective ONLY if your order is big enough. Usually, a half pallet or one full pallet will be enough if your margins are right.

What products do we get from China?

Top 10 China Imports

  • #3 – Toys, games, and sports equipment.
  • #4 – Furniture.
  • #5 – Footwear & parts thereof.
  • #6 – Apparel, knitted or crocheted.
  • #7 – Apparel, not knitted or crocheted.
  • #8 – Plastics & articles thereof.
  • #9 – Iron, steel.
  • #10 – Vehicles, excluding rail.
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