Your question: How did labor specialization affect the economy in Africa?

How did labor specialization affect the economy?

The aggregate impacts of specialization on the economy are massive. Occasionally, people who specialize in a field develop new techniques or new technologies that lead to huge increases in productivity. Increased specialization ultimately leads to higher standards of living for all those involved in economic exchanges.

How did labor specialization lead to the growth of Ghana?

It was on the Niger River, making it a perfect location for trade, and became a famous center of Islamic scholarship. How did labor specialization affect the community? … They built on Ghana’s empire by establishing the gold-salt trade and expanded trade routes.

Which factor most contributed to labor specialization in West Africa?

The ability to obtain iron tools would help labor specialization because it made it easier to trade and get even better tools it also helped to bring the Africans together.

Why did early West African societies record their culture with oral history?

Why did early West African societies record their culture with oral history? They did not have a written language. … *Griots passed on the history and values through their stories and music.

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How does specialization make us more efficient?

How does specialization make us more efficient? Specialization makes the economy more efficient because the labor focuses on making only 1 or 2 parts which makes it easier and faster for them to do, it also helps the companies use less resources since they’re making the same product.

What are the disadvantages of specialization?

Disadvantages from specialisation (division) of labour:

  • Risk of worker alienation.
  • Risk of disruptions to production process.
  • Risk of structural unemployment due to occupational immobility.

Why is Ghana called the land of gold?

In the 8th century Ghana captured and controlled some areas of gold deposits lying to its south. As gold became the most important item of Ghana’s trade it began to be called the “land of gold”. Due to gold Ghana became very powerful and prosperous.

What caused the fall of Ghana?

There were a number of reasons for Ghana’s decline. The King lost his trading monopoly. At the same time drought was beginning to have a long term effect on the land and its ability to sustain cattle and cultivation. … There is an Arab tradition that the Almoravid Muslims came down from the North and invaded Ghana.

What are the factors that led to the fall of Ghana Empire?

The Ghana Empire crumbled from the 12th century CE following drought, civil wars, the opening up of trade routes elsewhere, and the rise of the Sosso Kingdom (c. 1180-1235 CE) and then the Mali Empire (1240-1645 CE).

Why was music and storytelling important in African societies?

Storytelling in Africa has been manifested in many ways and was used to serve many purposes. It was used to interpret the universe, resolve natural and physical phenomena, teach morals, maintain cultural values, pass on methods of survival, and to praise God.

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Why were storytellers important in African society?

They help people make sense of the world and are used to teach children and adults about important aspects of their culture. There is a rich tradition throughout Africa of oral storytelling. … Storytelling provides entertainment, develops the imagination, and teaches important lessons about every- day life.

What role did ancestors play in African religion?

Ancestor worship and belief is an extension of a belief in and respect for elders. Followers of traditional African religion believe that ancestors maintain a spiritual connection with their living relatives. Most ancestral spirits are generally good and kind.

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