You asked: How was West African culture preserved and passed down from one generation to another?

How has most of West African culture been passed down?

West African history and and beliefs were passed down through art and music. Used oral traditions because they did not have their own written language. … And brought drumming tradition to America.

How has the history of West Africa been preserved?

historical and artistic traditions- how have west africans preserved their history through storytelling and the written accounts of visitors? -An oral history is a spoken record of past events. … -Griots helped keep this history alive for each new generation.

How were the beliefs values and knowledge of West Africans passed from one generation to the next?

For centuries, the beliefs, values, and knowledge of West Africans were transmitted orally from one generation to the next. In medieval times, written traditions also became important. … West African arts, such as this sculpture, have often influenced modern artists.

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What do West African oral traditions preserve?

A number of these writings were preserved in mosques and Qur’anic schools. Today they are a key source of information about West African history, legends, and culture. … Griots, or storytellers, continue the oral traditions of the West African culture. They also represent the importance of elders in West African Society.

What are griots Why were they important in West African culture?

The griot profession is hereditary and has long been a part of West African culture. The griots’ role has traditionally been to preserve the genealogies, historical narratives, and oral traditions of their people; praise songs are also part of the griot’s repertoire.

How are animals most often used in African storytelling?

How are animals most often used in African storytelling? They represent people. Which kinds of characters often appear in African folktales?

What did West Africa trade?

A profitable trade had developed by which West Africans exported gold, cotton cloth, metal ornaments, and leather goods north across the trans-Saharan trade routes, in exchange for copper, horses, salt, textiles, and beads. Later, ivory, slaves, and kola nuts were also traded.

How did Africans preserve their history?

Societies throughout sub-Saharan Africa have preserved knowledge about the past through verbal, visual, and written art forms. … Records and narratives kept by African historians are among the most informative sources for the reconstruction of precolonial history on the continent.

What most affected ancient West African trade?

Answer: most affected factor that affect ancient West African trade network is natural landforms. Explanation: most affected factor that affect ancient West African trade network is natural landforms. There were many distinct geographic features, therefore Africans were allowed to trade for what they wanted.

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What were three important functions griots served to African tribes?

Griots were also the historians of Ancient Africa. They would keep track and memorize the history of the village including births, deaths, marriages, droughts, wars, and other important events. The stories and historical events would then be passed down from generation to generation.

What are the 3 major religions in Africa?

The three main religious traditions—African traditional religion, Christianity, and Islam—constitute the triple religious heritage of the African continent.

What is African culture and tradition?

African Traditions are expressed through music, art, dance and sculpture… African Tradition is expressed through many different art forms, such as music, dance, art, sculpture and beadwork. These traditions are deeply ingrained into the whole African culture.

What is the main disadvantage of oral tradition?

The following are disadvantages of oral traditions

Oral tradition may be biased. This is possible because of nature of transmission itself. oral transmission is full of exaggeration, creativity and sometimes the informant may talk of good things only.

What is the significance of oral tradition in our culture?

Oral Traditions make it possible for a society to pass knowledge across genera- tions without writing. They help people make sense of the world and are used to teach children and adults about important aspects of their culture. There is a rich tradition throughout Africa of oral storytelling.

What is the connection between African oral storytelling and the preservation of African culture in the Americas?

Oral storytelling is a very important part of many African cultures. This is the main way in which cultural knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. It is also the main way in which the past is preserved.

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