Which province has the most agriculture in South Africa?

The Northern Cape province accounted for the largest share of the country’s commercial agricultural land (37,1%), followed by Free State (16,4%), Eastern Cape (12,3%) and North West (11,5%).

Which province is rich in agriculture in South Africa?

Agriculture and mining are the two exceptions. National agriculture production is mostly concentrated in Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The bulk of national mining activity takes place in North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Not only is Gauteng the province with the largest GDP, but it is also the most populous.

Which province produces the most agriculture?

Saskatchewan accounted for more than two-fifths of Canada’s total field crop acreage with 36.7 million acres, more than Alberta and Manitoba combined.

Farm and Farm Operator Data. Saskatchewan remains the breadbasket of Canada.

Province Percent
Saskatchewan 46.8
Alberta 26.8
Manitoba 12.7
Ontario 9.0

Which province generates the most money from farming in South Africa?

Stats SA found that Gauteng generated just over a third of South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017, making it the nation’s biggest provincial economy. KwaZulu-Natal was the second biggest, responsible for R16 of every R100 generated by the national economy, followed by the Western Cape in third.

What is the poorest city in South Africa?

The major city with the lowest poverty rate is Cape Town (30%). Pretoria and Johannesburg have somewhat higher rates of 35% and 38%, respectively, while Durban has a rate of 44%. The poorest municipality is Ntabankulu in the Eastern Cape, where 85% of its residents live below the poverty line.

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Which is the best province in Canada for agriculture?

Alberta has the largest provincial share of cattle ranches and farms in the country, while Manitoba has the third most hog operations, and B.C. has the second most poultry and egg producers, as well as the highest aquaculture production. Employment in the agriculture industry has been in decline for decades.

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