Which African country has the highest maternal mortality rate?

South Sudan recorded in 2017 the highest number of mothers’ deaths per 100,000 live births. That year, every 100,000 children, 1,150 mothers died from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or its management. The maternal death rate in Chad equaled to 1,150.

Why does Africa have a high maternal mortality rate?

The main direct causes of maternal deaths, accounting for up to 80 percent of cases in Africa, are obstetric hemorrhage, puerperal sepsis, pregnancy-induced hypertension (including eclampsia), obstructed labor and ruptured uterus, and complications of unsafe abortion (see figure 16.1).

What is Africa’s maternal mortality rate?

Sub-Saharan Africans suffer from the highest maternal mortality ratio – 533 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, or 200,000 maternal deaths a year. This is over two thirds (68 per cent) of all maternal deaths per year worldwide.

What first world country has the highest maternal mortality rate?


Rank Country Maternal mortality ratio (maternal deaths per 100,000 live births)
1 Italy 2
Norway 2
5 Greece 3
Israel 3
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Which race has the highest maternal mortality rate?

In the U.S., the CDC reported that black women experience maternal mortality at a rate two to three times higher than that of white women.

What is the safest country to give birth?

Japan’s newborns had the lowest mortality among the 184 countries ranked by UNICEF. UNITED NATIONS — Japan shines as the world’s safest country for having a baby in a new UNICEF report that cites universal access to quality health care as a contributing factor to low newborn mortality rates.

Which country has the lowest maternal mortality rate?

The countries that achieved the lowest maternal mortality ratio are Finland, Greece, Iceland, and Poland. For every 100,000 births, 3 mothers die.

Is it normal to be scared of dying during childbirth?

Dying. Reality check: While it may seem like dying during childbirth is something that no longer happens nowadays, it sadly does-even right here in the US. But to calm your fears you should keep in mind that it’s still relatively rare in most developed countries.

How common was death during childbirth?

Maternal deaths and disabilities are leading contributors in women’s disease burden with an estimated 303,000 women killed each year in childbirth and pregnancy worldwide. The global rate (2017) is 211 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Forty-five percent of postpartum deaths occur within 24 hours.

What is lifetime risk of maternal death?

A woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death is the probability that a 15 year old woman will eventually die from a maternal cause. In high income countries, this is 1 in 5400, versus 1 in 45 in low income countries.

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What is maternal and child mortality?

The maternal, newborn and child health indices in Nigeria are typically worse within rural areas. For example, the maternal mortality rate is estimated at 828 deaths per 100 000 live births in rural areas in contrast to 351 deaths per 100 000 live births in urban areas [13].

How can we reduce maternal mortality?

Key interventions to improve maternal health outcomes include 1) integrating multidisciplinary care for women with high-risk comorbidities during preconception care, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond; 2) addressing structural racism and the social determinants of health; 3) implementing hospital-wide safety bundles …

What state has the worst maternal mortality rate?

Louisiana. Louisiana’s maternal mortality rate of 58.1 deaths per 100,000 births is the highest in the United States.

What country has the lowest life expectancy 2020?

The countries with the lowest life expectancy worldwide include the Central African Republic, Chad, and Lesotho. As of 2019, people born in the Central African Republic could be expected to live only up to 53 years. This is 20 years shorter than the global life expectancy.

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