Which African country gained independence in 1960?

On August 15, 1960, Congo gained independence, with FulbertYoulou as president until 1963.

Which countries gained independence in 1960?

Africa after Independence

Country Independence Date Colonist
Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the June 30, 1960 Belgium
Somalia, Democratic Republic of July 1, 1960 Britain
Benin, Republic of Aug. 1, 1960 France
Niger, Republic of Aug. 3, 1960 France

Which African country gained independence from Britain 1962?

Between March 1957, when Ghana declared independence from Great Britain, and July 1962, when Algeria wrested independence from France after a bloody war, 24 African nations freed themselves from their former colonial masters. In most former English and French colonies, independence came relatively peacefully.

What country gained its independence from France?

Madagascar, which gained its independence from France in 1960, has experienced […] many periods of political instability in its national history.

Which African country got independence last?

24, 1973, now considered as Independence Day. However, independence was only recognized by Portugal on 10 September 1974 as a result of the Algiers Accord of Aug. 26, 1974.

Chronological List of African Independence.

Country Independence Date Prior ruling country
Eritrea, State of May 24, 1993 Ethiopia
South Sudan, Republic of July 9, 2011 Republic of the Sudan
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