What is September known for in South Africa?

September is widely considered the best month of all for game viewing in Kruger National Park and other northern reserves. The bone-dry end-of-winter months and animal grazing have reduced foliage cover to a minimum, and concentrations of thirsty wildlife around perennial waterholes is at a peak.

What is special about the month of September in South Africa?

Heritage Month is celebrated annually in September. … Government calls on all South Africans to use Heritage Month to foster greater social cohesion, nation building and a shared national identity.

What happens in September South Africa?

Johannesburg and the highveld is warm by day, cold at night, and dry. Cape Town and the Western Cape is mild by day, cool at night and receives regular rainfall. September to November is peak whale-viewing season in Hermanus and the Western Cape. …

Is September a good month to visit South Africa?

The best time to visit South Africa is from May to September, as the cooler winter months in the northern regions bring superb conditions for viewing big game. It can be rainy from November to February, but this is the best time to travel for birding, and temperatures remain warm at 22°C-33°C.

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What is the best time of year to go on safari in South Africa?

The best time to visit South Africa to go on safari is the dry season, from May to October. The grass is low, visibility is better and the dry conditions mean you’ll find more wildlife congregating around the watering holes. The temperatures are also much cooler than the sticky, hot summer.

What season is September in South Africa?

Roughly speaking, the summer months are December to March, autumn is April to May, winter is June to August, and spring is September to November.

Why is September called a Heritage month?

Heritage Month is celebrated every year in September. It was created by the government as a way to foster greater social cohesion and a shared national identity.

What will happen in September 2020?

Here are the world news events you need to know so far for September 2020:

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  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to South Africa?

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to South Africa is February.

What is the rainy season in South Africa?

The rainy season begins in October and lasts through to April, the dry season from May to September. The summer can be hot, with temperatures reaching the early thirties, but the days are tempered by Samara’s high altitude – over 2000m – and the nights rarely exceed 15°C.

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Does it rain in September in South Africa?

September is a lovely time to visit South Africa for heat and sunshine. The average temperature is a sizzling 32°C, which is very hot and continues to rise as the month progresses. … There’s not much rain in September, which has an average monthly rainfall of just 3mm.

How hot is Cape Town in September?

Daily high temperatures increase by 2°F, from 64°F to 66°F, rarely falling below 58°F or exceeding 75°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 2°F, from 50°F to 52°F, rarely falling below 44°F or exceeding 57°F.

What is the best month to go on an African safari?

The best time for an African safari is typically from July through October, when the animals are easy to find and in substantial numbers. Deciding when to go on safari depends on what country you would like to visit and when you can plan your trip.

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