What is a African Gele?

What is a Gele in Nigeria?

In Nigeria a head tie is called a gele — that’s the word used by the Yoruba, one of the country’s many ethnic groups. But the wearing of head wraps is traditional for all Nigerians and indeed for most African cultures. An artfully folded gele is part of everyday wear and de rigueur for special occasions like weddings.

Why do people wear Gele?

A head tie is a women’s cloth head scarf that is commonly worn in many parts of West Africa and Southern Africa. Head ties are also commonly worn by Married Jewish Women as symbol of marriage. The head tie is used as an ornamental head covering or fashion accessory, or for functionality in different settings.

What is Gele fabric?

The fabric of choice for a gele is Aso-Oke – originally a textured, tightly hand-woven, glossy, cotton cloth crafted in a variety of traditional patterns and colours. The threads now used in weaving are mostly cotton, silk, rayon and metallic lurex fibres.

What countries wear Gele?

Gele is essentially a type of head tie worn by women in the Western Africa country of Nigeria. In contrast to the head ties worn in some other African countries, like Ghana, Gele is usually rather large and ornate, and as a result, are associated with ceremonial wear rather than day to day usage.

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What are the types of gele?


  • Ankara Gele.
  • Aso-oke Gele.
  • Avant Garde Gele.
  • Flowery Umbrella Gele.
  • Infinity Pleats Gele.
  • Perfect Rose Gele.

What religion do ladies wear headscarves?

A form of headscarf, known as the hijab, is commonly seen in Muslim countries and is born out of qur’anic tradition. It is worn primarily by Muslim women for religious purposes, and its style varies by culture. In Eastern Orthodox culture, headscarves are worn by women while attending the church.

What is African head wrap called?

THE Africa woman head-wrap (dhuku) holds a distinctive position in the history of African dress both for its longevity and for its potent significations. … This distinct cloth head covering has been called variously ‘head rag’, ‘head-tie’, ‘head handkerchief’, ‘turban‘, or ‘head-wrap’.

What is a Yoruba scarf?

What Is Gele? … Gele (pronounced gay_lay) is a Yoruba term for a woman’s head wrap. This piece of clothing can be as simple as a scarf-like head-tie or bandana, to being as elaborate as the arched train of a peacock. A very sophisticated gele is usually spurned from a fabric made specifically for that purpose.

What is an African woman’s hat called?

Wespecialize in African Hats and Crowns: Women Hats and Crowns with matching shawl.

What is a Iro and Buba?

Iro and Buba is a traditional outfit worn by Yoruba women in southwest Nigeria. This is a loincloth made with African print or Ankara tied around the waist (Iro) along with a long sleeved top (Buba). This traditional outfit worn by Nigerian adults was trendy 50s to early 80s and this style has become a bit “oldish”.

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What are African dresses called?

The dashiki is a colorful garment worn mostly in West Africa. It is called Kitenge in East Africa and has been a dominant wear in Tanzania and later Kenya and Somalia.

What is a head wrap called?

Some women wear a headscarf to cover their head and hair, while others wear a burka or niqab, which also covers up their face. … The word hijab describes the act of covering up generally but is often used to describe the headscarves worn by Muslim women. These scarves come in many styles and colours.

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