What does Kiff mean in South Africa?

Southern African slang excellent; cool.

What does Kiff mean?

verb – transitive

to greatly enjoy someone or something.

What do you call a friend in South Africa?

Bra / Bru [brah and brew] Used to call a friend, pal or buddy. Braai [brr-rye] If you’re not South African, you probably call it a barbecue.

What does Chana mean in South Africa?

chana. This does not come from the isiZulu word for nephew. It is simply a misspelling of the Cockney rhyming slang for “mate” – china (plate). —

How do you say cool in SA?

Kief [kif], derived from Arabic (kayf), means cool, great, awesome or neat.

What does yasis mean?

Yasis’ origin and use are both in the Hebrew language. The name Yasis means ‘he will rejoice‘. See also the related categories, rejoice (joy) and hebrew.

What Jiff means?

Informal. a very short time; moment: to get dressed in a jiffy.

How do you say hello in South Africa?

1. Howzit – A traditional South African greeting that translates roughly as “How are you?” or simply “Hello”. 2. Heita – An urban and rural greeting used by South Africans.

How do you say goodbye in South Africa?

In typical South African multi-purpose style, ‘aweh‘ can also mean ‘goodbye’ or ‘yes’.

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What does Haibo mean in South Africa?

12. Jislaaik, Jussie, Jo, Haibo, and Haw | Used to express surprise or confusion. Example: “Jislaaik bru, that was a big wave!” or “Haibo, you’re not 21.”

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