What do South Africans call a grill?

A braai is South Africa’s answer to the barbecue – but it’s so much more than that. It’s a special South African feast that can last for hours, and there are plenty of rules and etiquette around a classic braai. The most important part of a braai is the fire.

What is African barbecue?

Shisa nyama. Shisa nyama also spelled chisa nyama or chesa nyama, is a term used in many townships to describe a barbecue or braai where friends or families come together to grill meat in an open fire (usually near a butchery).

What does Brai mean in South Africa?

(South Africa) A barbecue (grill), especially an open outdoor grill built specifically for the purpose of braaing. (chiefly South Africa) A social meeting, including the braaing of meat; a cookout. Come over to our place for a braai.

What is the difference between braai and grill?

A braai revolves around the fire, and the food. The food is cooked on (as the name of the gathering would suggest) a braai, which is basically a grill. But you won’t find gas on this grill! … A major difference between the two types of Cooking is that South African’s use wood or briquettes (charcoal) when they braai.

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Why do South Africans like to braai?

The atmosphere is something else. A braai is all about having a good time and catching up with friends, a combination of everything South Africans love—family, friends, good food, and drinks. A braai also often revolves around another event, like a rugby match, ensuring a lively (and loud) atmosphere.

How do you say BBQ in South Africa?

South Africa has taken barbecue to a new level with all-day, slow-cooking, meat-loving events that let you socialize around a fire all day and eat all night!

What is the origin of barbecue?

The word barbecue comes from the language of a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino. Their word for grilling on a raised wooden grate is barbacoa. The word first appeared in print in a Spanish explorer’s account of the West Indies in 1526, according to Planet Barbecue.

What does Braii mean?

/ (braɪ) Southern African / verb. to grill or roast (meat) over open coals. noun.

What do they call a barbecue in England?

Barbecue or barbeque (informally BBQ in the UK and US, barbie in Australia and braai in South Africa) is a term used with significant regional and national variations to describe various cooking methods which use live fire and smoke to cook the food.

Is Afrikaans a language?

Afrikaans is a southern African language. Today six in 10 of the almost seven million Afrikaans speakers in South Africa are estimated to be black. … Like several other South African languages, Afrikaans is a cross-border language spanning sizeable communities of speakers in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

What are traditional South African foods?

Don’t leave South Africa without eating:

  • Biltong & droewors. Dry curing was a method used to preserve meat by the indigenous tribes of South Africa before fridges were invented. …
  • Boerewors. …
  • Cape Malay curry. …
  • Malva pudding. …
  • Chakalaka & pap. …
  • Braai/Shisa nyama. …
  • Bunny chow. …
  • Amarula Don Pedro.
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What is a lekker?

Lekker [lek-uh] is a widely used term indicating that something is ‘great’ or ‘nice’. For example, ‘The food was lekker’, or ‘We had a lekker day. ‘

Is braai a BBQ?

A traditional Braai is much like a barbeque – the food is cooked in a similar way although some use wood as fuel while others use charcoal & briquettes. The food that is cooked on a braai, along with the social aspect of the event are the major differences between a BBQ and a Braai.

What does Shisanyama mean?

Shisanyama is a Zulu word, literally meaning “burn meat”, which refers to the way the meat is cooked over hot coals. It started off as a way for butchers to drive sales over the weekends, and today it’s one of South Africa’s most delicious and social ways of eating.

What do you serve at a braai in South Africa?

Here are seven of the most popular dishes to have at a South African braai.

  1. Potato salad. Of all the salads at a braai, none is as important as the potato salad. …
  2. Garlic bread. …
  3. Five-bean salad. …
  4. Roosterkoek. …
  5. Chakalaka. …
  6. Braaied mielies. …
  7. Pap.
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