Quick Answer: What type of boundary is South American and African plates?

Boundaries. The western edge of the African Plate is a divergent boundary with the North American Plate to the north and the South American Plate to the south which forms the central and southern part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Do you think the boundary between the South American Plate and the African plate is a divergent plate boundary or a convergent plate boundary?

The easterly edge is a divergent boundary with the African Plate; the southerly edge is a complex boundary with the Antarctic Plate, the Scotia Plate, and the Sandwich Plate; the westerly edge is a convergent boundary with the subducting Nazca Plate; and the northerly edge is a boundary with the Caribbean Plate and the …

Is the South American Plate convergent or divergent?

The westward-moving South American Plate is moving away from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and on its western edge it forms a convergent boundary with the subducting Nazca Plate. Convergence occurs when two plates are pushing into each other.

What plates border the South American Plate?

South American plate is a relatively large sized plate located below the continent, South America. South American plate is bounded by African plate in the east, Nazca plate in the west, Antarctic plate and Scotia plate in the south, and Caribbean plate and North American plate in the north.

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Is San Andreas Fault a plate boundary?

The San Andreas Fault is part of a transform plate boundary that disrupts the topography of an ancient subduction zone. … The transform plate boundary is a broad zone forming as the Pacific Plate slides northwestward past the North American Plate. It includes many lesser faults in addition to the San Andreas Fault.

How did the South American and African plates move?

At convergent plate boundaries, one plate moves underneath the other plate and sinks into the mantle. The South American and African Plates moved apart as a divergent boundary formed between them and an ocean basin formed and spread.

What type of plate boundary is found between the South American and Nazca plates?

According to the given figures, convergent oceanic-oceanic plate boundary takes place between the South American Plate and the Nazca Plate. The Peru–Chile Trench outlines the boundary between the subducting Nazca Plate and the overriding South American Plate. The trench was created thanks to a convergent boundary.

Why is the Nazca Plate subducting beneath the South American Plate?

The Nazca Plate is moving eastwards, towards the South American Plate, at about 79mm per year. The friction between the plates prevents the subducting oceanic plate from sliding smoothly. … As it descends, it drags against the overlying plate, causing both to fracture and deform.

Why is the Nazca Plate getting smaller?

Shrinking of the Cocos and Nazca Plates due to Horizontal Thermal Contraction and Implications for Plate Non-rigidity and the Non-closure of the Pacific-Cocos-Nazca Plate Motion Circuit.

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