Is Bidorbuy South African?

bidorbuy is a South African online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers through online auctions and fixed price sales.

Is bidorbuy safe to buy?

Although the vast majority of bidorbuy transactions are trouble-free, the Buyer protection programme provides an additional measure of safety in the unlikely event that: * The seller does not ship … At bidorbuy, we believe that our users should transact in an absolutely safe, secure and transparent environment.

Is Bid or Buy South Africa legit?

Bidorbuy is very reliable, I have purchased and sold a number of items through the website. Bidorbuy is different from other classified sites like gumtree, olx etc because you do not pay money directly into the seller’s account but into Bidorbuy’s account.

What type of auction is bidorbuy?

There are three main types of listings on bidorbuy: buy nows, auctions and classified. Sellers may allow buyers to make an offer on their listings. They may also include a buy-now price in auction listings. Buy an item instantly at a fixed price.

Does bidorbuy sell second hand?

You can buy practically everything on bidorbuy, from brand-new products to second-hand items and hard to find collectibles. When you buy on bidorbuy, you are buying directly from sellers registered on the site.

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How does bidorbuy earn?

Basically, you send people to a particular website through your own site or via a link or URL that they follow. They then buy something from that site and you are paid a commission. So if you send people a link or you are a website owner and people visit another site from yours you can earn money. It’s that simple!

Can you get scammed on bidorbuy?

Instances of outright scamming attempts are rare on bidorbuy. … “If a buyer suffers a loss after purchasing from a verified seller, we as bidorbuy will reimburse the buyer for the loss, or to the amount to which the seller was verified.”

How much is bidorbuy?

A success fee is charged on the sale value of the item sold on bidorbuy. Success fees vary depending on the category where the item is listed. The success fee is 8.75% excluding VAT, or 10.06% including VAT for the following categories: Antiques & Collectables.

Does bidorbuy deliver?

There are many different shipping methods available on bidorbuy. Delivery times will vary depending on the options offered and selected. … All sales and transactions on bidorbuy take place online. That means that you cannot view the items before bidding or buying.

How does bid or buy work in South Africa?

The two main activities that take place on the site are buying and selling. Sellers post the details of the items that they wish to sell on the platform. One of the options is bidding whereas the other one is buying. …

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How do I join bidorbuy?

Click on the Join Now link to register as a buyer on bidorbuy.

Registration Form

  1. First name.
  2. Last name.
  3. Email address.
  4. Confirm email address.
  5. bidorbuy Username.
  6. Password.
  7. Confirm password.
  8. Address (it is very important to enter correct address details and postal code for shipping and delivery purposes)

Is bid or buy real?

Bidorbuy is by far one of the worst online marketplaces to deal with. They dont care about the buyers at all and dont take action against sellers that go against their own terms of service for items that may be listed.

How does bobPay EFT work?

bobPay – EFT is available to all sellers provided they can receive pay out requests into a South African bank account. … Once payment has been received the buyer and the seller is notified and the status is set to “Payment Completed”.

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