How was desertification connected to cultural diversity in Africa?

How did the desertification influence African culture and history? Desertification forced people to migrate to new areas to maintain their ways of life. The migration contributed to the continent’s rich diversity of cultures. … Salt acted as a supplement in the people’s diets to prevent dehydration.

What does cultural diffusion have to do with Africa?

The cultural ties united people in African societies is family ties played an important part. The religion reflect the cultural diversity of Africa It reflects the cultural diversity by helping to unite different societies. … Through religion, people came to understand their origins.

Why was it so difficult to generalize about religious beliefs in medieval Africa?

Which statement best describes why it is difficult to generalize about religious beliefs in medieval Africa? Those beliefs were varied and complex. … How did trade affect the culture of East African city-states? Trade attracted people from many regions to the city-states, bringing more cultural diffusion.

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How did desertification of the Sahara impact migration into the savanna?

In what way did the desertification of the Sahara impact the migration into the savannah? It made migration and trade much more difficult due to the rough conditions. … Many goods came to those cities so trading with those two cities was very useful to them.

How did geography affect movement in Africa?

What geographic features limited movement in Africa and what made them obstacles? The terrain of the rain forest and desert made these areas hard to cross, while the high plateau in the interior and the river cataracts made movement between regions difficult. … Outside trade opened North Africa to new ideas.

What is an example of cultural diffusion in Africa?

By doing business in trading centers in West Africa, the Berbers introduced Islam there as well. The spread of religion along trade routes is one example of cultural diffusion.

What are some examples of cultural diffusion in Africa?

An example of forced diffusion would be taking Africans from their home to become slaves. An example of cultural diffusion with negative effects would be the spread of diseases, like AIDS , Bubonic Plague and Smallpox.

How did Islam spread into West Africa?

Islam first came to West Africa as a slow and peaceful process, spread by Muslim traders and scholars. The early journeys across the Sahara were done in stages. Goods passed through chains of Muslim traders, purchased, finally, by local non-Muslims at the southern most end of the route.

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Which best describes griots in medieval African societies?

Which best describes griots in medieval African societies? (griot) 310 a. Griots were storytellers who acted as oral historians and genealogists, keeping African history alive. … Griots were dancers who performed for religious purposes, communicating with the spirits through their dancing.

What animal revolutionized trade in Africa?

What we do know is, around 300 CE, West Africans domesticated the camel. That species has a dis-tinct advantage in the desert, and this revolutionized trade across the Sahara.

What are three effects of desertification in Africa?

Desertification affects topsoil, groundwater reserves, surface runoff, human, animal, and plant populations. Water scarcity in drylands limits the production of wood, crops, forage, and other services that ecosystems provide to our community.

What are three effects of desertification?

Higher food prices, water availability, violent conflicts for land, migration, increasing poverty, pollution from wind-blown dust particles coming from distant lands, could be the outcomes of desertification if we let it consume more of our planet.

What are the main effects of desertification?

“In many countries, desertification means a decline in soil fertility, a reduction in vegetation cover – especially grass cover – and more invasive shrub species. Practically speaking, the consequences of this are less available land for grazing, and less productive soils.

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