How long is Africa to Paris?

How far is Africa from Paris by plane?

The flight distance from Paris (France) to Johannesburg (South Africa) is 5424 miles. This is equivalent to 8729 kilometers or 4710 nautical miles.

How many hours is it from Johannesburg to France?

The total flight duration from Johannesburg, South Africa to Paris, France is 11 hours, 19 minutes.

How far is Paris by plane?

The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Paris, France to United States (“as the crow flies”), which is about 4,689 miles or 7 546 kilometers. Your trip begins in Paris, France.

What is the longest flight in the world?

The Longest Flight Routes in the World

  • ​The best of aviation. …
  • New York to Singapore. …
  • Dubai-Los Angeles. …
  • Perth-London. …
  • Atlanta-Johannesberg. …
  • San Francisco-Bangalore. …
  • Manila-New York. …
  • Auckland-Dubai. This 14200 km journey is covered in 17 hours, 5 minutes, and is consdiered to be one of the longest journeys in the world.
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How many hours does it take to go to Paris?

Flying time from United States to France

The total flight duration from United States to France is 10 hours, 4 minutes. If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway.

How many hours is a flight from France to South Africa?

The total flight duration from South Africa to France is 11 hours, 11 minutes.

How much does it cost to go to Paris from South Africa?

Yes, there are multiple flights from South Africa to Paris for under R7 313. The cheapest flight booked recently is on KLM for just R7 225, but on average you can expect to pay R8 044.

How much does it cost to go to France from South Africa?

The cheapest flight price from South Africa to France is R5 760. On average you can expect to pay R5 760. The most popular route, (Johannesburg OR Tambo – Paris Charles de Gaulle), can usually be booked for R6 964.

How much does it cost to go to Paris?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Paris is $1,450 for a solo traveler, $2,604 for a couple, and $4,882 for a family of 4. Paris hotels range from $68 to $422 per night with an average of $120, while most vacation rentals will cost $210 to $490 per night for the entire home.

Is Paris close to Italy?

The two countries share a 488-kilometre (303 mi) border. The border was largely determined in 1860 in the Treaty of Turin with minor rectifications performed during the 1947 Treaty of Paris.

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What is Paris known for?

Here Are A Few Things Paris is Famous For:

  • Eiffel Tower.
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.
  • Palais du Louvre.
  • Arc de Triomphe.
  • The Louvre Museum.
  • The Seine River.
  • Paris Fashion.
  • French Food.
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