Frequent question: Who is the owner of Shoprite in South Africa?

Type Public
Founded 1979
Headquarters Brackenfell, City of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Key people P.C. Engelbrecht, CEO Wendy Lucas-Bull, Chairman

Who is the real owner of Shoprite?

Shoprite is owned by South African billionaire called Mr. Christo Wiese, he founded Shoprite in 1979, ever since then it has become the largest food retailer in Africa.

How was Shoprite started?

The Shoprite Group of Companies started from small beginnings in 1979 with the purchase of a chain of 8 Cape-based supermarkets for R1 million. … A year later Shoprite sped up its growth by buying six food stores from Ackermans. In 1986 the Group expanded to the Free State, opening a store in Bloemfontein.

Who is the current CEO of Shoprite?

How much does Shoprite CEO earn?

5 million for the year. In terms of basic salaries, the likes of Woolworths’ Ian Moir and Shoprite’s chief executive Pieter Englebrecht were the biggest earners, with R18. 9 million and R16. 1 million, respectively.

Meet the retail bosses who earn around R70,000 a day.

Retail group Shoprite
CEO Pieter Engelbrecht
Year 2019
Salary R21.3 million
ZAR Per day R58 280

Is Shoprite owned by a South African?

The Shoprite Group (JSE: SHP), is South Africa’s largest food retailer. It operates more than 2,892 stores in 14 countries across Africa. The company’s headquarters are in Brackenfell in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Shoprite (retailer)

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Type Public
Subsidiaries Checkers
Website Homepage

Why is Shoprite successful?

Over 40 years ago, Shoprite made a promise to bring the lowest prices in quality food and essential home goods to its customers. This promise is the very foundation of our business and has helped to fuel our growth to becoming Africa’s largest grocery retailer.

Is Shoprite changing their name?

We are not changing, but transitioning to a new name that offers you the same exceptional products you’ve come to expect at ShopRite. Store brand debut provides shoppers with premium quality imported and domestic products.

How much does Shoprite make per day?

8.64 million per day

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