Frequent question: What good is a degree in African American studies?

An African American studies major offers students a plethora of transferable skills. Critical Thinking Skills: Ability to think independently, read critically, and write analytically. Research Skills: How to apply theoretical approaches to research questions, locate and interpret data, and define problems.

What can I do with an African American Studies degree?

Career Areas/Job Titles

  • Management and Industry. Cultural Resources Manager, Civil Services Worker, Social Worker, Human Resources.
  • Communication and Media. Journalist, Media Relations Specialist, Linguist/Interpreter.
  • Education. …
  • Non-Profit/Advocacy. …
  • Government/Politics. …
  • Graduate School.

Is American Studies a useful degree?

How useful is an American Studies degree? American Studies in the classical or exemplary liberal arts degree, an interdisciplinary approach that spans the humanities and social sciences. To to keep it simple, an American Studies degree is useful in any context where a broad liberal arts background would be useful.

What do you learn in African American history?

Learn about the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural factors that have influenced African American life, meet individuals who changed the course of history, and explore how the African American story still influences current events. …

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What can I do with a minor in African American studies?

Search for opportunities

  • Teacher/Professor.
  • Student Affairs Professional.
  • Community Urban Planner.
  • Public Affairs Professional.
  • Equity & Diversity Associate.
  • Researcher.
  • Employment Counselor.
  • Program Coordinator.

What is African and African American Studies?

African & African American Studies is to prepare you to become a global citizen, scholar, and social activist who is sensitive to the demands of an increasingly diverse America and world. As a student in the program, you will study the roots of African culture, history, and language.

What is the meaning of African studies?

African studies is the study of Africa, especially the continent’s cultures and societies (as opposed to its geology, geography, zoology, etc.). … African scholars, in recent times, have focused on decolonizing African studies, and reconfiguring it to reflect the African experience through African lens.

Why should I study American Studies?

American Studies graduates are especially valued because of their excellent communication skills and ability to think intelligently, critically and laterally as they draw on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and skills to analyse and interpret the American experience.

What exactly does American Studies do?

American Studies majors acquire a broad understanding of the American history, and learn to think analytically and systematically about American structures and institutions, and the representation of various cultural groups in art, literature, and popular culture.

How a US degree will help to find a job?

Let’s discover how studying in the US can improve your career prospects.

  • It opens up more opportunities. …
  • It makes you independent and more confident. …
  • It helps you acquire the skills employers are looking for. …
  • It improves your cross-cultural competencies. …
  • It helps you work well in a team.
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Why is it important to learn African American history?

The value of pursuing African American studies is gaining knowledge and an understanding of the past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States. This discipline prepares students to critically examine, explore, and analyze the unique experiences of African-descended people.

Why is it important to study African American health?

The African American Health Engagement Study (AAHES) highlights the importance of trust in health care providers to drive health seeking behaviors, and the need for more diversity in the physician workforce.

How do I learn more about black history?

Best African American History Apps and Websites

  1. PBS LearningMedia. Treasure trove of lesson resources will benefit from adaptation. …
  2. Learning for Justice. …
  3. Library of Congress. …
  4. EDSITEment. …
  5. Alabama Civil Rights Trail. …
  6. Ken Burns in the Classroom. …
  7. National Archives. …
  8. Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work at Mulberry Row.
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