Best answer: How do I get an ETAG in South Africa?

Where can I buy E toll tags?

E-tags are available from dedicated e-toll Customer Care Outlets at shopping malls, e-toll service centres along the Gauteng freeway and from selected Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay and Shoprite stores at a fee of R49.

What do I need to get a ETAG?

When you buy your tag you can register it on the phone or at an eToll kiosk. This will require a copy of your ID or driver’s license, as well as your vehicle’s registration details.

How much does it cost to buy a ETAG?

Monthly account fee is $1.25 for first Tag PLUS $1.00 for second Tag PLUS $0.75 for third Tag PLUS $0.50 for all subsequent Tags. The monthly account fee is $0.50 if You have a current Pensioner Concession Card.

Is it cheaper to have an ETAG?

Tolls are cheaper when using a tag. No tag fee at the moment so it’s a good time to get a tag. All tags work on all toll roads around Australia doesn’t matter what state you buy it from. Usually have to pay around $40 if you loose your tag.

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How do I check my e-toll balance?

In addition to the web portal, ETC also offers a toll-free call centre (087-353-1490), and an SMS service that lets you check your outstanding e-toll balance. To get your balance via SMS, send a message with the following structure to 43360: ID*vehicle registration number.

Can someone else use my ETAG?

No. You can only use one Tag in a vehicle at any one time. You must ensure you add / link your licence plate number to your Account. If you have multiple tags, make sure you only use one tag in a vehicle at any one time or you may be charged twice (or multiple times) for each trip.

How long does it take to get my ETAG?

Your tag will be posted to your nominated address within 5-7 business days. You can use toll roads immediately following successful payment, provided you list a valid Licence Plate Number on your account.

What happens if you don’t have an ETAG?

Motorists are required by law to pay the toll when they drive on a toll road. … If you choose not to set up a Tag or Pass product, the trip will become eligible for a Toll Notice. The Toll Notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle that used the toll road.

Are tolls worth taking?

Gettingvalue for money’

Research conducted by the NRMA in 2015 found that motorists who used tolls saved on travel time by nearly 75 per cent and used 30 per cent less fuel than alternative free routes. … That combination of motorways can cost drivers up to $34 a trip, or about $8,000 a year.

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What is an ETag and how does it work?

An ETag (entity tag) is an HTTP header that is used to validate that the client (such as a mobile device) has the most recent version of a record. When a GET request is made, the ETag is returned as a response header. The ETag also allows the client to make conditional requests.

What is a tagless account?

A Tagless account is a low-commitment way to pay for occasional Sydney toll road travel. Below are descriptions of the fees for this post-paid account.

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